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Hydro Sport offers a wide range of water slides, with associated attraction systems. We have our own product range of KANAB water slides and products from other manufacturers that we have strategic partnerships with. Water slides delivered by Hydro Sport are characterized by their safety and long durability in demanding environments, coupled with a high attraction value, contributing to cost-effective solutions for the entire life cycle of the complete installation.

Hydro Sport Green Waterslides

Given the harsh weather conditions in our home environment up in the North, it has always been key to Hydro Sport to find and implement suitable solutions to avoid heat losses and to use sophisticated tools to evaluate different solutions for the insulation of waterslides.
With a track record of having delivered over 1000 waterslides (more than 50 000m), over the past decades, Hydro Sport has collected vast experience in the field and has been instrumental in developing advanced and cost-effective energy-saving solutions for our clients.
In this work, it has been paramount to involve the best expertise from the academic sector. Here our cooperation with the institution for thermodynamics and flow theory at the University of Linköping, has been essential for the development of reliable calculation tools, and the deep involvement of the building technology laboratory, of the University of Gävle, has in the same way provided important proof of accuracy and validation of our calculation models.
In the attached brochure, we are proud to share with you some insight into this important climate work, and we are looking forward to getting the opportunity to be at your service in your next project and let you benefit from the
Hydro Sport Green Advantage!

/ Marcus Malmsten (Managing Director)